All Blues

All Blues, well the clue's in the name. Or is it? Is it that they play only blues, or is it that they consider everything to be blues so will play anything ? You'll have to come and see them to find out! What we can say for sure is that they are a hard rocking bluesy trio, with their own fabulous material who have paid their dues in the pubs and clubs of London, and are now ready for the big time - first stop Finance Rocks!

All Blues, a bunch of finance IT consultants, you get what you pay for...

Paul (Mosaic Consulting) - bass and vocals.
His first love (family members excluded) is the Bass, and he has played in numerous bands from Newport to Hackney, from glam rock to jazz blues, across the years.
John (Mosaic Consulting) - drums
John ran his own media business, and played drums 30 years ago for another famous band, Smiler.
Adam (Excelian) - guitar and vocals
Adam has played guitar in rock, blues, pop and jazz bands from Bristol to Faversham and all points in between. He and Paul paired up ( paired up like Lennon and McCartney not like Lennon and Ono ), 5 years ago and have been playing together in various formats ever since.

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