The Excels

Al - Banging on drums
Time-traveller, morris dancer and mastermind of the Soviet invasion of Suriname.
James - Twiddling a lead guitar
Born from White, Bellamy and Greenwood, James changes his style from year to year depending on his mood. Currently stuck somewhere between folk and electronica, he can always rely on the teachings of his forefathers.
Tony - Shouting with his voice
Hailing from the deepest South West (London) travels by overground and underground, picks up things everyday folks leave behind and turns them into something new. Latest finds include two guitarists, a bassist and a drummer.
Mike - Strumming a rhythm guitar
Has a face for radio, the personality of a bed pan and on stage casts a statuesque silhouette much like a backlit shoe horn. Ladies, behave.
Steve - Plunking a bass guitar
Is indestructible, has GSOH, likes dancing, cooking, nights in; and is not the Duke of Kidderminster.